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Revival – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is back to CBS?

CBS in negotiations to CSI revival in the franchise’s 20th anniversary CSI: Crime Scene Investigatin is the one of the biggest TV crime dramas ever might. And a CSI revival ever a great idea. With the revival project is still in the dealmaking stages, CBS is looking to toast the 20th anniversary of one of […]

Netflix’s Altered Carbon: Season 2 Release Date and Teaser Trailer

Altered Carbon, Netflix’s cyberpunk thriller, has been finally announced the Season 2.Although was never part of the plan for showrunner Laeta Kalogridis or Netflix, given its critical success, the network renewed the series. Altered Carbon takes place in a world where people can transfer their consciousness and memories between bodies (or “sleeves”) allowing for unlimited […]

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow: Season 5 Casts New Major Villain;

New villain of season 5 have ties to one of the crew. Joanna Vanderham (Warrior, Man in an Orange Shirt) has been cast for season 5 of CW’s time-travel series, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Joanna will be portraying “a ruthless killing machine with daggers made of bones. Wherever she goes, death follows. That Vanderham’s character […]