‘American Horror Story: NYC’: FX Unveiled a New Set of Character Posters

Ryan Murphy and FX presented audiences with 13 posters showing the characters from ‘American Horror Story: NYC.’
With just a few days to go before the premiere of Ryan Murphy’s anthology season 11, we can catch a glimpse of the series’ characters.

Despite the storyline of AHS: NYC running in secrecy, the posters hint that the new season will be set in the 70s or 80s.
In the images, we see the characters in vintage latex clothes.

We have Zachary Quinto returning after ten years to play Sam. Sandra Bernhard will be playing Fran. Rebecca Dayan (AHS: Double Feature and AHStories) returns to join the cast as Alana.
Newcomer Kyle Beltran will hit the streets of NYC as Morris. Sis makes the tuxedo look chic, while decked out in a glittering green dress as Dunaway.

Kal Penn plays Mac Marzara, a suited-up cop, chasing down his suspect. Leslie Grossman returns as Barbara, a pensive character that loves wearing black.
Billie Lourd joints as Hannah, a normal-looking character.
Denis O’Hare, a fan favorite, is back in action as Henry, a man from martinis and suits.
Another newcomer, Joe Mantello is Gino. Patti Lupone looks as classy as ever wearing sparkling diamonds as Kathy.
Charlie Carver is Adam, a creepy man in the mirror. Isaac Powell plays Theo, the probable dangerous man who snapping shots in the upcoming season.

See all posters below in the gallery.

AHS: NYC Gallery – 13 Images (Click to amplify)

AHS: NYC will premiere on FX with two episodes on October 19 at 10 p.m. ET/PT with two episodes to follow weekly over a total of five weeks.


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