Ariana Grande releases ‘Positions’, her sixth studio album. Listen now!

Today (Oct. 30) Ariana Grande releases ‘Positions’, her sixth studio album, the project announced in mid-October.
Ariana released the song’s title track with a new music video last week.
Listen to the whole songs below.

Ariana Grande – ‘Positions’

Ariana surprised fans when she tweeted “[I] can’t wait to give u my album this month”, on October 14.
She shows up with a decidedly mature and distinct R&B sound. With lyrics are simple, honest, flippant, and full of desire all at once.
The album features guest spots from Doja Cat (“motive”), The Weeknd (“off the table”), and Ty Dolla $ign (“safety net”).

Watch Ariana Grande – Positions (official video)

“I don’t have a top three or anything! everything goes hand in hand, this project is my favorite for many reasons and I really can’t wait for it to be yours. thank u for your love and excitement, it means the world to me.”

Ariana grande, about the album.

Ariana Grande Releases New Album Positions

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