‘Chromatica’: Lady Gaga’s new album released now. Listen here!

Previously scheduled for April 10, ‘Chromatica’: Lady Gaga’s new album, and her sixth studio album, was released on this Friday 29.

Chromatica ‘draws the attention of fans for their three collaborations.
On May 22, ‘Rain On Me’, a song in partnership with Ariana Grande had his video released on Youtube. Watch below.
Another partnership is ‘Sour Candy’, with Korean girlgroup BLACKPINK.
Both songs and previously released single ‘Stupid Love’, showing that an album filled with synth-filled, dance-y tunes.
‘Sine From Above’, with Elton John, is no exception. Although a more big ballad is expected, it brings them both on a track full of energy and that would surely drag everyone to the dance floor.

Listen ‘Chromatica’: Lady Gaga’s new album on Spotify

Cover of new album "Chromatica' of Lady Gaga

Chromatica (2020) Lady Gaga

Watch ‘Rain On Me’ Lady Gaga with Ariana Grande (Official Music Video)

Visit Lady Gaga’s Official Youtube Channel

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