Diane Kruger Star in a New Biopic Series About Hollywood Icon Marlene Dietrich

Diane Kruger will play the legendary actress Marlene Dietrich in an upcoming TV series helmed by director Fatih Akin.
It is also likely that she will serve as the project’s executive producer.

The biopic series will be based on Dietrich’s biography Meine Mutter Marlene (My Mother Marlene) written by the late German actress’ daughter Maria Riva.
Akin is set to adapt the book for a five-part special TV series. The project is currently known by the working title “Marlene.”

“With Fatih’s talent and ability to see inside the soul of every person, I’m certain that this won’t just be a series about the icon and worldstar Marlene Dietrich but most of all an intimate portrait of this singular woman living through an extraordinary epoch.”

Sayd Kruger in a statement.

Kruger and the director Akin worked together on the 2017 film In The Fade. A project that earned Kruger the Best Actress prize at the Cannes Film Festival.
“Marlene” does not yet have a release date. We will be on the lookout to bring future updates.

From the early 1900s up until her death in 1992, Marlene Dietrich was an icon with a prolific career spanning.
She was born in Berlin and rose to fame in the hit musical drama “The Blue Angel” in 1930.
The film sparked a reel of success for the actress, like 1932’s Shanghai Express, the 1941 drama Manpower, and the 1957 mystery Witness For The Prosecution.

Get to know a little more about Marlene Dietrich in the interview below:

Marlene Dietrich 1960 TV Interview: “Blue Angel” Remake & Film Career

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