Evanescence ‘Use My Voice’: Released a new single of the coming album ‘The Bitter Truth’

This Friday, Evanescence released a video to “Use My Voice”, is the third single from the album ‘The Bitter Truth’.
The music succeeding “Wasted on You” and “The Game is Over”. All songs will be part of the group’s next album.

Just below, you can watch ‘Use My Voice’, then see ‘The Game is Over’ and ‘Wasted on You’.

Evanescence – Use My Voice (Official Music Video)

The video ‘Use my Voice’ directed by Eric Howell. Howell and Amy Lee, vocalist of the Evanescence, met in 2015.
When Amy recorded ”Speak to Me”, the closing song for the film ‘Voice from the Stone’ (2017).

“We are proud to stand up against the injustices, lies, and oppressions that have contaminated our country and the world.”

Amy Lee in a statement to Rolling Stone.

Evanescence’s last album was ‘Synthesis’, a reunion of new arrangements of the band’s classics.
The last album, with unpublished music, was the self-titled disc of 2011.

‘The Bitter Truth’ is the fifth studio album of Evanescence.
The band will make available from ‘The Bitter Truth’ incrementally, culminating in the release of the full album.

Evanescence – The Game Is Over (Official Music Video)

Evanescence – Wasted On You (Official Music Video)

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