Extended ‘Supernatural’ trailer to the 7 final episodes released by The CW

The new extended ‘Supernatural’ trailer calls “This is where it ends.”
Last week, The CW dropped a short teaser for the resumed the last run of the Winchester Brothers.
And now we have this new extended promo for the final batch of episodes of Supernatural’s fifteenth season.

Supernatural | Run Baby Run | Season Return Extended Trailer | The CW

Watch first teaser trailer for the last ever episodes of ‘Supernatural’ teases the trouble that’s still to come for the Winchester brothers.

The CW is resuming its airing of the fifteenth and final season of Supernatural this fall.

Supernatural | Trouble | Season Return Trailer | The CW

With the ominous title, “Trouble,” the trailer for Season 15’s concluding episodes starts with a context-setting nostalgic trip.
Highlighting Dean Winchester’s lifelong role as big brother and sacrificial protector to Sam.

That cycle that seems destined to be broken in some manner by the time we reach the series climax.

Contrasting that theme with apocalyptic countdown-inducing imagery, the clip also shows glimpses of moments to come.
Random shots of the Winchesters typically “saving people, hunting things, the family business.”

Extended 'Supernatural' trailer to the 7 final episodes released by The CW
‘Supernatural’ 7 final Poster

So, it’s the end of the end.
Ackles joining the cast of Amazon Prime’s superhero series The Boys for its third season. Padalecki returns on the remake of ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ to The CW, on the iconic role of Chuck Norris.
But fans still have seven episodes left to go before they say goodbye.

For the joy and, at the same time, the sadness of the fans, Supernatural will return on October 8. The final 7 episodes of its 15-season trajectory will end on November 19 with the last episode of an Era.

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