First ‘The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart’ Trailer Reveals Sigourney Weaver’s Enigmatic Secrets

What’s The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart About?

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, a highly anticipated miniseries, is set to premiere in August and features Sigourney Weaver in a captivating role. Amazon has unveiled the trailer for this thrilling seven-part series based on the best-selling debut novel by Holly Ringland. With its emotionally charged storyline, the trailer offers a glimpse into the mystery and tumultuous journey that awaits viewers.

Unfolding against a backdrop of tragedy, the trailer introduces Alice Hart, the central character, who finds herself under the care of her grandmother, June, portrayed by the talented Sigourney Weaver. Having lost her parents in a mysterious fire, Alice embarks on a quest to uncover the hidden family secrets that have haunted her lineage for generations. The trailer effectively captures the essence of the series, blending elements of suspense and enigma with a deeply emotional narrative. Themes of trauma, survival, and grief resonate throughout the brief clip, promising an enthralling viewing experience.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart follows Alice’s transformative journey as she transitions from a child to an adult. Settled on her grandmother’s flower farm, Alice harbors an overwhelming desire to unravel the mysteries surrounding her family’s past. Over time, she unearths dark secrets that have shaped both her own life and that of her relatives. The narrative spans two decades, chronicling Alice’s growth and resilience. However, just as she enters her early twenties, her world is once again upended. Compelling her to escape to the Australian desert, where she encounters a charismatic yet perilous man.

The Cast behind Sigourney Weaver’s Alice Hart

The series, with its intricate plot twists and turns, is poised to captivate viewers, thanks to Holly Ringland’s devoted fanbase. Writer Sarah Lambert, the showrunner, skillfully brings the screen adaptation to life. Glendyn Ivin takes the director’s seat for all seven episodes. The cast features an exceptional lineup, including Alycia Debnam-Carey as the older Alice, Asher Keddie as Sally Morgan, Leah Purcell as Twig North, and Frankie Adams as Candy Blue. Additionally, Alexander England, Tilda Cobham-Hervey, and Charlie Vickers contribute to the stellar ensemble. Alyla Browne portrays the role of young Alice. The series is a collaboration between Amazon Studios, Made Up Stories, and Fifth Season, with executive producers Jodi Matterson, Bruna Papandrea, Steve Hutensky, Sigourney Weaver, Glendyn Ivin, and Sarah Lambert.

Prime Video worldwide exclusively debuts the highly anticipated Sigourney Weaver miniseries on August 4. Take a moment to watch the captivating trailer below:

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