‘Fleishman Is In Trouble’: FX Reveals Jesse Eisenberg’s Limited Series Official Trailer

FX has released its official trailer for the limited series ‘Fleishman Is In Trouble’ starring Jesse Eisenberg, Claire Danes, and Lizzy Caplan.
The show is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Taffy Brodresser-Akner, and with a premiere date of November 17 on Hulu.
Check out the trailer and more details about the series below.

Fleishman Is In Trouble Official Trailer | FX

The cast is led by Jesse Eisenberg, Claire Danes, and Lizzy Caplan.
Meara Mahoney Gross and Maxim Swinton portray the young Hannah and Solly.
Also, the cast includes Adam Brody, Christian Slater, Josh Radnor, Joy Suprano, Ralph Adriel Johnson, Brian Miskell, Michael Gaston, and Juani Feliz.

Brodresser-Akner adapted the story from her novel. He also acts as Executive producer alongside Sarah Timberman, Carl Beverly, and Susannah Grant.
Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton (Little Miss Sunshine) will be directing multiple episodes alongside executive producing as well.

Fleishman Is In Trouble | Synopsis

Fleishman Is In Trouble will tell the story of a 41-year-old recently-divorced doctor named Toby Fleishman (Eisenberg). He is shocked to find a great deal of success when he begins using dating apps.
However, the promise of potential flings with all the available women Manhattan has to offer is threatened when his ex-wife Rachel (Danes) abruptly vanishes and leaves Toby in charge of his two children. In what was supposed to be his first summer of sexual freedom, Toby is forced to juggle his kids. The reappearance of two old friends (Caplan and Adam Brody), a possible promotion at the hospital, and the mystery of what happened to Rachel.
Toby will soon learn that the only way to figure out what happened to his ex-wife is to go back and realize what went wrong with their relationship in the first place.”

Series Plot.

The show will premiere exclusively on Hulu on November 17, with the first two episodes. Then a new episode of the eight-episode series will drop subsequently each following Thursday.


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