‘Immaculate’: Sydney Sweeney to Star in and Produce Horror Movie From Director Michael Mohan

The new horror movie, ‘Immaculate,’ directed by Michael Mohan will be starring Sydney Sweeney (HBO’s Euphoria).
In addition to playing the lead role, Sweeney will also produce the picture, which is being written by Andrew Lobel.

Sweeney starred in the first season of The White Lotus, earning another Emmy nomination for her portrayal of sarcastic, disaffected teenager Olivia Mossbacher.
In addition to recurring parts in The Handmaid’s Tale and Sharp Objects. And she will also return for Season 3 of Euphoria, which will begin filming in 2023.

Mohan wrote and directed an erotic thriller for Amazon, ‘The Voyeurs.’
He also co-created and executive-produced the short-lived Netflix teen dramedy ‘Everything Sucks!.’
Both works of which starred Sweeney.

In addition to Sweeney and Mohan, Will Greenfield will executive produce alongside the Black Bear’s John Friedberg and Christopher Casanova.
With Sweeney and Jonathan Davino will produce for Fifty-Fifty Films alongside David Bernad.
Teddy Schwarzman and Michael Heimler also will produce for Black Bear Pictures.

Immaculate | Synopsis

This film style has been a popular subject in film lately.
Since movies like “Benedetta” by Paul Verhoeven, the supernatural Conjuring spinoff “The Nun,” or even Jeff Baena’s black comedy “The Little Hours.” Know the plot of the film.

“Cecilia (Sweeney) is a devout young woman who is offered a new position at a famed Italian convent. Although she is afforded a warm welcome, the surrounding Italian countryside is beautiful, and her new role is spiritually fulfilling, Cecilia soon learns that the convent houses some truly ugly and horrifying secrets.”

Movie Plot.

Filming on Immaculate will commence in January 2023, we will provide updates as the production releases new information.


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