Is Ryan Murphy Leaving Netflix? A Potential Journey Back to the House of Mouse

Speculations about Ryan Murphy ‘s contract ending with Netflix begin.

Ryan Murphy, known for his successful television career, may be leaving Netflix and heading back to Disney. After his fruitful tenure with 20th Century Fox, Murphy is rumored to be seeking a new streaming home once his Netflix deal concludes. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Murphy will part ways with Netflix at the end of his lucrative five-year contract.

Speculations suggest he will reunite with Dana Walden. They previously collaborated during her tenure as head of 20th Century Fox TV. Currently serving as co-chairman of Disney Entertainment, Walden’s position would facilitate Murphy’s transition to the entertainment behemoth.

While Disney+ may not be the destination for Murphy, he is likely to return to the familiar realms of FX and its streaming counterpart, Hulu. Given the impending merger between Disney+ and Hulu, Murphy might choose to develop future projects on the proposed unified platform.

It’s worth noting that this shift in allegiance is not a drastic departure from Murphy’s existing work. His ventures at Netflix encompass shows like Hollywood. His Monster series features Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer, retaining a similar essence to his previous shows on FX and Fox.

Ryan Murphy and his Universe

Murphy’s distinctive style of storytelling and his penchant for collaborating with specific actors drive the narrative in the Murphy-verse, as it is often referred to. He excels at crafting short-form stories through his anthology series, whereas long, overarching narratives tend to lose steam over time. For instance, Nip/Tuck, one of his earlier creations, faltered after a few seasons, leaving fans more disgruntled than entertained. Reuniting with Walden may prove beneficial if Murphy continues to explore his anthology ideas. He showcases his visionary storytelling abilities in self-contained stories. He allows himself to delve deeper into various worlds without confining himself to multiple seasons.

While unexpected considering the triumph of shows like Dahmer, the decision to depart from Netflix and return to Disney, given the Fox-Disney merger and Walden’s influential role, indicates Murphy’s desire to revisit a familiar playground. The future of his serial killer anthology remains an intriguing aspect to follow. Stay tuned to Collider for further updates on Murphy’s forthcoming endeavors.

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