Renewals and Cancels: More American Horror Story for fans

FX’s American Horror Story, anthology, created by Ryan Murphy, has been renewed for three more seasons.

Season 1: Murder House (2011)
Season 2: Asylum (2012–2013)
Season 3: Coven (2013–2014)

In 2018, Ryan Murphy had inked a five-year deal with Netflix which kicked off with the release of The Politician last fall, and the FX announced that American Horror Story was renewed for its tenth season, which was also supposed to be the show’s final one.
However, Murphy also expressed that he’d love to continue his horror anthology series well beyond season 10.

Season 4: Freak Show (2014–2015)
Season 5: Hotel (2015–2016)
Season 6: Roanoke (2016)

John Landgraf, chairman of FX Networks and FX productions commented on about Murphy and his co-creator Brad Falchuk:

“Are the undisputed masters of horror TV, having created the anthological limited series with American Horror Story and sustaining its success for nearly a decade.”

Season 7: Cult (2017)
Season 8: Apocalypse (2018)
Season 9: 1984 (2019)
Season 10: ???????? (2020)

So what’s coming up in American Horror Story Season 10?

The season will likely be filled with familiar faces. Sarah Paulson will officially return. To TV Guide in fall 2019, Dylan McDermott, Lily Rabe, Cody Fern, Angela Bassett, Gus Kenworthy, Matthew Morrison, Angelica Ross, and Cheyenne Jackson all told that they’d be happy to appear in Season 10 in some capacity. Isn’t ruling out an appearance by Evan Peters, that in April 2019, confirmed that he wouldn’t be appearing in 1984, he said that it wasn’t just American Horror Story that he was temporarily stepping away from, but acting in general.

Since its very first season, American Horror Story has always debuted in the fall. In the sixth season, Roanoke, AHS moved from debuting in October to September. based on this, we’d expect Season 10 to premiere in September 2020.

Now, FX’s successful horror anthology series, has been renewed for another three seasons, up to season 13.

Season 11: ??????? (202?)

Season 12: ??????? (202?)

Season 13: ??????? (202?)

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