Showtime Cancel ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ After One Season

The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively revealed that Showtime has canceled the series ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth.’ With only a 10-episode season, the series aired in April this year and ended its run on July 3.

‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ was initially conceived as a limited series drama. But the showrunners Alex Kurtzman and Jenny Lumet changed course halfway through making the first season.

The decision came from the executives that felt that the season came to a natural end. Recently ex-Viacom executive Chris McCarthy replaced David Nevins in the oversight of the network. The executives stated that the cancellation was not related to the change.

The limited series has based on Walter Tevis’ 1963 novel ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth.’
The book was adapted as a 1976 movie starring music legend David Bowie and Candy Clark.
The plot shows an alien arriving on Earth with a mission to find a woman who can help save his species.
Things take a turn when they discover that to save their world, they must first save Earth.

The Man Who Fell To Earth (2022) Official Trailer | SHOWTIME

The all-star cast included Chiwetel Ejiofor as the alien/Faraday, the main character; Naomie Harris, Annelle Olaleye, Clarke Peters, Bill Nighy, Jimmi Simpson, and Kate Mulgrew, among others.

Despite the series’ cancellation, Kurtzman and Lumet remain under contract with CBS Studios. They have multiple projects in the works, including the Star Trek franchise.


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