‘Star Trek Day’: Paramount+ Releases News – Carol Kane, Star Trek Picard, Tribute to Nichelle Nichols and More

The third annual Star Trek Day is the main topic at Paramount+.
We have news about Strange New Worlds, Picard, Discovery, and a tribute to Nichelle Nichols.

Paramount+ has released an image from the second season of ‘Strange New Worlds’. Carol Kane, the iconic actress, is seen aboard the Enterprise in the picture.

Carol will join the cast in a recurring role, a highly educated and intelligent engineer named Pelia. She is set to replace Bruce Horack’s character, Hemmer, who tragically died at the end of the first season.

Then, an exclusive clip of the second season was released. In it, we have Lt. Erica Ortegas (Melissa Navia) preparing for a mission with Captain Pike (Anson Mount) and other crew members. Watch below:

Strange New Worlds | Ortegas Preps For An Away Mission (S2 Exclusive Clip) | Paramount+

Paramount+ revealed a third season trailer for ST Picard.
In it, we see the return of the original Star Trek The Next Generation cast in search of Dr. Beverly Crusher. Check it out below:

Picard | Final Season Sneak Peek | Paramount+

Paramount+ released a video on its YouTube channel with beautiful tributes to Nichelle Nichols. Scenes from the original series, amid testimonials from actors and actresses from the various series in the franchise.
Nichelle, immortalized as Nyota Uhura from Star Trek The Original Series, left us on July 30th at the age of 89. Check out this beautiful tribute below.

Star Trek Universe | The Star Trek Family Remembers Nichelle Nichols | Paramount+

Paramount+ followed up with more news and updates on the five shows currently in production.
Discovery won a guided tour by Wilson Cruz, who plays Dr. Hugh Culber in the series. Then came the first official look at Season 5.
Check out both videos below:

Discovery | Wilson Cruz Gives An Exclusive Season 5 Set Tour | Paramount+

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