‘Superman and Lois’: Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois on a new poster

A poster of new live-action TV series “Superman and Lois”, has revealed on series official twitter.
Series will be airing on The CW in 2021, is a new member of Arrowverse. In the new poster, we see Lois Lane by Elisabeth Tullock, showed in ‘The Flash’, in part 1 of Elseworlds’ crossover.

'Superman and Lois' - Elizabeth Tulloch poster
Elizabeth Tulloch

Series focuses on Tyler Hoechlin’s ‘Superman’ and Elizabeth Tulloch’s journalist Lois Lane. New versions that showed on Arrowverse’ crossovers.
Second IMDB listing, The CW ordered a full season with 22 episodes initially.
As usual, is produced by Greg Berlanti, who produces all Arrowverse series. Scripted by Todd Helbing, ‘The Flash’ showrunner.

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