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Doctor Strange In The Madness Multiverse: What Happened to Your Director?

Sequel to the Marvel hero’s 2016 origin story, has just lost its director, Scott Derrickson. Marvel attributed his departure to: (in: Variety) “Marvel Studios and Scott Derrickson have amicably parted ways on Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness due to creative differences, we remain grateful to Scott for his contributions to the MCU.” Even […]

Marvel’s WandaVision: Release Date Changed To 2020

The Marvel’s WandaVision TV show release date is officially changed to 2020, with the series now set to arrive earlier than expected. Disney has moved its WandaVision TV series up from a Spring 2021 release date to 2020. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and went on to announce live-action Disney+ series featuring Falcon and Winter Soldier, Clint Barton […]