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10 best movies about epidemics and diseases 10 best movies

Starting our list of 10 best movies… In an age where Western civilization has tricked itself into believing it is safe from plague. Epidemics and disease have long been the stuff of nightmares.From leprosy to HIV, and today the covid-19, they have shaped human history.Grab your antibacterial wipes, your face mask and let’s dive into […]

Sherlock Holmes 3: Paul Anderson, Peaky Blinders Star return

Sherlock Holmes 3 was first mentioned back shortly after the sequel’s successful release, and they quickly found a writer to pen the Sherlock Holmes 3 script. Warner Bros. Pictures finally set a release date for December 2020. While the film did experience another delay to December 2021, Sherlock Holmes 3 seems to finally be getting under way. After being delayed for over […]