‘Tales of Babylon’: Teaser Trailer Shows Clive Russell As a Mobster With a Mission

The crime thriller set in London, ‘Tales of Babylon,’ has released a teaser trailer showing its protagonist on the scene.
In the film helmed by Pelayo De Lario, Clive Russell stars as a mobster called The Silver Dragon. Check it out below.

Tales of Babylon – Teaser Trailer

According to De Lario, the film is centered around London, with the city as the “protagonist.”
The film tells the story of two siblings seeking to escape the grip of their abusive mobster grandfather.
Their grandfather then joins forces with a pair of hitmen to carry out the task of eliminating the siblings.

The Groucho Arts produces. Under De Lario’s direction, the cast includes Billie Gadsdon (Cruella), Aaron Cobham (The Spanish Princess), Maria Crittell (Doctors), Ray Calleja (Mr. Selfridge), and Paul Cassidy (Outlander).

De Lario produced and directed “Jack” through his production company which was awarded on the festival circuit in 2021. ‘Tales of Babylon’ is the second film produced by Groucho Arts.
The film has wrapped principal photography and is currently in post-production, and when it is complete, Groucho Arts will take the film onto the festival circuit.
There is still no release date for cinemas or streaming platforms.


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