The best Google Doodle games

With the covid-19 pandemic, families are spending much more time at home. To avoid the boredom of days without activities, we decided to list here the best Google Doodle games!

About 10 years ago, Google has been presenting dozens of games and mini-games. They are interactive games to celebrate important dates or simply as a hobby.

They are classic games like Pac-Man, basketball and Magic Cube. Other Doodles are experiments with artificial intelligence or simulate musical instruments. They spend a few days (or just one) on the Google homepage, but all Doodles remain preserved and archived on the Google Doodle Blog.

Google Doodle Games: Check out the best celebratory games ever created by Google for you to have fun online.

Pac-Man (2010)

pac-man Doodle Google

Custom-built version of PAC-MAN to celebrate the game’s 30th anniversary. Click “Insert Coin” (as in the old arcades) then use your arrow keys to control PAC-MAN on a custom board in the shape of the word Google.

Halloween (2016)

Hallowwen Doodle Google

Grab your wand and help fend off a ghostly catastrophe. Press play to swipe spells, save your friends, and help restore the peace at the Magic Cat Academy.

Garden Gnomes (2018)

Garden Gnomes Doodle Google

Game made in celebration of Garden Day in Germany.
Game operation: Use your catapult to launch your clay gnomes into farthest of your garden. The farther your gnome travels, the more flowers you plant! Once you learn the basics, you can choose from six colorful gnomes with different shapes and weights. Try each one to see which gnome goes the greatest distance towards making your garden the most beautiful of all.

Rubik’s Cube (2014)

Rubik Cube Doodle Google

Rubik’s Cube was created in 1974 by Hungarian inventor and professor of architecture Erno Rubik. In honor of the toy’s 40th anniversary, Google released a virtual version. The user can play using the mouse and keyboard shortcuts.

ICC Champions Trophy (2017)

cricket Doodle Google

Cricket is loved worldwide. To celebrate the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy, Google created this Doodle. One of the most popular because it is very easy to play.

Celebrating 50 years of Kids Coding (2017)

kids coding Doodle Google

In celebration of 50 years of programming languages for children, an interactive Doodle was launched. The game introduces some basic concepts of logic used to teach what is behind the codes that bring the digital world to life. The idea is to move a rabbit using a sequence of commands that appear at the bottom. Adults unfamiliar with programming are also likely to have fun.

Basketball (2012)

At the 2012 Olympics, Google created several games with such as canoe, football and obstacle racing. One of the most popular was basketball. The player needs to hit the basket as many balls as possible within 24 seconds, using the space bar. The longer the key is held, the greater the throwing power.

Clara Rockmore’s theremin (2016)

Clara Rockmore Doodle Google

Learn how to play a song on a 1930s instrument, Clara Rockwell’s theremin. By moving your mouse over the notes, you can perform your music on the theremin, which was a precursor to modern electronic instruments.

117th birthday of Oskar Fischinger (2017)

This Doodle is a musical experience. There are several settings to adjust and create special sounds. You will want to spend hours creating melodies and having fun.

Doctor Who (2013)

Dr Who Doodle Google

On Doctor Who’s 50th birthday, a Doodle with a commemorative game was launched. The mini-game tells the adventures of Doctor Who, a time traveler, and his companions. He is an alien and has the ability to regenerate into a new body when about to die. In the game, the user chooses as a character one of the Doctors and must recover the letters that form the word Google, as they were stolen by the Daleks, one of the classic villains of the series.

Wilbur Scoville’s (2016)

Wilbur Scoville Doodle Google

Doodle celebrating the birth anniversary of Wilbur Scoville, creator of the ‘Scoville Scale’ that measures the heat of each pepper. In the game, you play as a trio of ice cream scoops fighting back against various peppers, each level getting hotter.

Hip Hop (2017)

Hip Hop Doodle Google

On the 44th anniversary of Hip-hop, a commemorative Doodle was launched. Hip-hop is an American rhythm that was born in the suburbs of New York and won the world. In this game you are the ‘DJ’ and you have to mix legendary songs using two pick-ups and a mixer.

Lotería (2019)

Lotería Doodle Google

This interactive game celebrates Mexican culture. The Lotería Doodle is a game of chance similar to bingo, that uses cards instead of numbers and beans as markers. You can play against random players or invite friends to play in a private match.

Ludwig van Beethoven (2015)

Beethoven Doodle Google

Beautiful tribute to Ludwig van Beethoven. Help Beethoven’s unfortunate journey to the symphony hall by arranging his masterpieces in time in this musical puzzle.

Pony Express (2015)

Pony Express Doodle Google

In the Pony Express game you need to help the postman and his horse to deliver the cards. Collect letters, avoid obstacles and aim for the ultimate 100 letter delivery!

The best Google Doodle Games created for the enjoyment of all those who love fun games.
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