The Celebrities’ Fantastic Motorhomes and RVs

The most fantastic Motorhomes and RVs from 6 celebrities. Meet the all luxury thats the money can buy.

Will Smith (The Heat)

Will Smith's Motorhome.

Will Smith’s Motorhome, known as ‘The Heat’, is where he rested while filming Men in Black III.
“The Heat” is a 30-ton trailer designed by Anderson Mobile Estates, and at $2.5 million. The 1,200-square-foot RV features 14 flat screen TVs and rests on 22 wheels.

Spread over two levels, the motorhome is transformed by an expanding roof. On the floor below, a full kitchen and dining room, a makeup area, a steam shower and more.
Upstairs there’s a 30-person screening room with state-of-the-art entertainment, while blackout blinds ensure the utmost privacy for the star and his guests.

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Vin Diesel’s Custom Motorhome

Vin Diesel's Motorhome.

In our next fantastic Motorhomes and RVs, Vin Diesel when filming his action blockbuster movies (Fast & Furious) franchise, likes relax in his $1.1million trailer. The huge RV was custom-designed for the actor.
Features multiple expanding walls, two storeys and vast picture windows (1,100-square-foot).

Downstairs, the spacious trailer has living area features wooden floors, spotlights, a pop up top floor and a swish kitchen with luxurious granite countertops.

The top floor of the beautiful RV reveal a media lounge, office space and a play area for the Vin’s children.
Perfect for relaxing between scenes, this luxurious home on wheels has every creature comfort Vin Diesel could need.

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Shaquille O’Neal’s (Shaq-mobile)

Shaquille O'Neal's Motorhome.

When basketball player Shaquille O’Neal retired from the Boston Celtics, they presented him with this Motorhome.
Shaquille has always been a fan of RVs.

The ‘Shaq-mobile’ has a large living and dining space. The kitchen has a stone countertops, full-sized sink and a microwave, while the dining area offers leather benches with a mounted flat screen TV so that Shaquille never has to miss a basketball game.

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s five-star hotel

Leonardo DiCaprio's Motorhome.

Between takes of filming Leonardo DiCaprio spent his time in this Motorhome.
With 53-foot, design modern, features extendable sides that almost double the width from eight-and-a-half feet to almost 16 feet, really is a beautiful mobile mansion.

Designer David Rovsek was inspired on a luxury cruise ship.
He out features such as the cherrywood, dropped ceiling and oval overhead mirror to add a touch of elegance.

The interior of RV recreate a five-star hotel suite.
Five flat screen TVs, two fireplaces, two bathrooms and the master bedroom perfect details.

The security of Leonardo taken care of thanks to cameras that link to the five TVs.

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Mariah Carey’s Motorhome – Dance Club

Mariah Carey's Motorhome.

Pop singer Mariah Carey travel on tour in this huge RV that’s been nicknamed the ‘skyscraper on wheels’. One most Fantastic Motorhomes and RVs on this list.

The 18-wheel motorhome can extend out to provide nearly 1,200 square feet of living space for its occupants.
The tinted windows provide her with the privacy, while the sleek metal exterior is pretty.

The lower floor of ‘skyscraper on wheels’ fits about 50 people.
Features a luxurious living space with a custom-designed 15-foot sofa and a 65-inch flat screen television, besides to the state-of-the-art surround sound speaker system.

Mariah’s RV has a full kitchen, made from wood, marble and granite.
The upper floor of Mariah’s mansion can be raised to create some some extra room. In it there a dance floor and a colour wheel, TV at both ends and a 35-foot wraparound lounge.

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Simon Cowell – X Factor Boss

Simon Cowell's Motorhome.

The Simon Cowell’s motorhome measures 75 feet long, equipped with 22 tires, and has a living area of 1200 square foot.

The lower floor is equipped with electronically-controlled blinds, which turns the opaque glass into transparent.
Has three huge plasma televisions 100-inch screen, two all-granite bathrooms, a 14-foot kitchen with cherry-wood cabinets and marbled floors.

On the second floor, has a 30-seating living room, the master bedroom with king-sized , alongside play area and two 50plus-inch TVs.

The Cowell’s RV has church-style arched windows, an office and a full sound system,

The Producer’s motorhome also has a private bathroom with granite countertops and lavish cherrywood finishes.

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