‘The Good Lawyer,’ an ABC Spinoff of “The Good Doctor,” is Currently Developing

For those who like the premise of “The Good Doctor,” ABC has commissioned for the 22/23 Fall Season a legal spin-off along the same lines as the series, titled ‘The Good Lawyer.’

The Good Doctor stars Freddie Highmore as surgeon Dr. Shaun Murphy, an autistic surgical resident with savant abilities. The new show will follow Joni, a lawyer hired by the law firm that represents Dr. Glassman and Dr. Murphy.

The Good Doctor - Freddie Highmore
The Good Doctor – Freddie Highmore

In 2021, former Sony TV Studios president Jeff Frost broached the subject of a spin-off show from ‘The Good Doctor,’ mentioning the significant potential for a spin-off based on an original idea, as the Korean series that spawned the show did not get a spin-off series in Korea.

‘The Good Lawyer’ is in the hands of the same executive producers as The Good Doctor: David Shore, and Liz Friedman, besides Eric Gunn.
The three are producers of ‘Shore Z Prods,’ the production company in charge of the partnership with Sony Pictures in the realization of the show.

Here’s what we know about ‘The Good Lawyer‘ so far:

Joni is a somewhat similar character to Dr. Shawn Murphy.
She’s a lawyer, and as an eager young lawyer with OCD tendencies that affect every aspect of her life, Joni faces discrimination in the workplace and must fight to keep her job. Her cynical boss and seasoned lawyer, Janet, is hesitant to trust her due to her disorder. Though similar on the surface, the relationship between Joni and Janet will be very different from the dynamic between Murphy and Glassman in The Good Doctor. And will more than likely make for a much different take on disabilities in the workplace.

‘The Good Lawer’ is set to have its pilot episode introduced during the sixth season of The Good Doctor, which premieres on ABC on October 3, 2022.

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