‘The Outsider’: HBO cancels the series after a 10-episode season

With work had already begun on scripts for a second season, HBO decided to cancel ‘The Outsider’.
The series which is based on Stephen King’s novel garnered good reviews and decent ratings.
Despite this, HBO has decided on a somewhat surprising move.
Because of this, it’s hard for the audience to imagine the series not returning.

Ben Mendelsohn and Yul Vazquez - The Outsider (2020)
Ben Mendelsohn and Yul VazquezThe Outsider (2020)

“The Outsider” is a crime thriller that stars Ben Mendelsohn, Cynthia Erivo, and Jason Bateman.
Debuted in early 2020, with Bateman directing the first two episodes.
With solid ratings, growing with each episode, nearly doubling the initial audience by the time of the finale.
Despite based on a successful Stephen King novel, and the Emmy-nominated drama category, HBO renounced.

“We enjoyed our collaboration with [executive producers] Richard [Price], Jason [Bateman], Andrew [Bernstein] and the MRC team, and we wish them well in continuing the world created by the brilliant Stephen King.”

HBO, in a statement to Deadline.

Elise Henderson, MRC Television President, added to HBO pronouncement:

“We thank HBO for a great partnership in the first season, and for helping to bring in a massive audience who fell in love with The Outsider. We are looking forward to finding a new home for this remarkable series.”

‘The Outsider’ production company MRC is shopping the series to other outlets.
Before the series debuted, there was a “series bible” that outlined future stories.
The writer-producer Richard Price already had the blessing from King on where the story would go for Season 2.
So, clearly, there is still the desire to see where “The Outsider” goes in the future.
Let’s hope that it could pop up in other premium networks and streaming services.

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