The Rolling Stones new song released: “Living In A Ghost Town”

The Rolling Stones new song was released after eight years hiatus.
They had a major tour planned before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the world.

Consequently, the Stones decided released a new song and video while quarantined.
Mick Jagger, speaking to Apple Music, revealed the track had been written “in 10 minutes” during a jam session last February.

The band said the track was initially recorded a year ago in LA but was “finished in lockdown”.

New Song of the band The Rolling Stones, ‘Living In A Ghost Town’

Therefore, The Rolling Stones new song, referencing the coronavirus crisis over sleazy dub-influenced backing.
This is a light, trim and relevant sound for the Stones.

However, the Stones song opens with some vaguely “Missing You” guitar and drum vibes.
A semi-chanted “whoa oh oh oh” backup vocal, Mick’s strong-voiced, double-tracked singing.
And eventually gets around to a blast of his harmonica.

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards said:

Mick Jagger

“The Stones were in the studio recording some new material before the lockdown and there was one song we thought would resonate through the times that we’re living in right now. We’ve worked on it in isolation. And here it is – It’s called ‘Living in Ghost Town’ – I hope you like it.”

Mick Jagger

“So, let’s cut a long story short. We cut this track well over a year ago in L.A. for part of a new album, an ongoing thing, and then shit hit the fan Mick and I decided this one really needed to go to work right now and so here you have it , ‘Living in a Ghost Town’. Stay safe!”

Keith Richards
Keith Richards

“Living In A Ghost Town” is available via streaming and download. Watch here.

For more videos The Rolling Stones’ musics, visit The Rolling Stones official Youtube Channel.

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