‘The Visitor’: Paramount Movies Releases an Official Trailer of Epix’s Psychological Thriller

Paramount Movies has just released an official trailer for ‘The Visitor,’ Epix’s new psychological thriller. Produced by Brunhouse and directed by Justin P. Lange, the film stars Finn Jones from ‘Iron Fist.’

Blumhouse Television and EPIX have an agreement to release 8 films. In addition to ‘The Visitor’, ‘The Deep House,’ ‘A House on the Bayou,’ ‘American Refugee,’ ‘Torn Hearts’ and ‘Inhuman.’
While two other films await release: ‘There’s Something Wrong with the Children,’ and ‘Unseen.’

The plot shows a man who has his life transformed into chaos after finding an old portrait of his doppelganger in his wife’s childhood home. Check out the trailer below:

The Visitor | Official Trailer | Paramount Movies

Besides Finn Jones, cast in the movie Jessica McNamee, Dane Rhodes, and Donna Biscoe.
The direction is signed by Justin P. Lange and the script by Adam Mason & Simon Boyes.
See the synopsis below.

“When Robert and his wife Maia move to her childhood home, he discovers an old portrait of his likeness in the attic – a man referred to only as ‘The Visitor’. Soon he finds himself descending down a frightening rabbit hole in an attempt to discover the true identity of his mysterious doppelgänger, only to realize that every family has its own terrifying secrets.”

The Visitor synopsis.

Several Images from the movie were revealed a few days ago. Check it out in the gallery: (Click to amplify)

The movie debuts on Epix in December, but first, it will be released on digital and on-demand on October 7.

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