Marvel’s WandaVision: Release Date Changed To 2020

The Marvel’s WandaVision TV show release date is officially changed to 2020, with the series now set to arrive earlier than expected.

Elizabeth Olsen (Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch) and Paul Bettany (Vision)

Disney has moved its WandaVision TV series up from a Spring 2021 release date to 2020. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and went on to announce live-action Disney+ series featuring Falcon and Winter Soldier, Clint Barton and future Hawkeye Kate Bishop, Scarlet Witch and Vision, and Loki. The first of those shows, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, is due to arrive in the fall of 2020. Although Marvel didn’t offer any firm release dates, the studio has been hard at work developing their slate of TV shows. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier started filming late in 2019, and despite receiving a 2021 release date, WandaVision is also currently in production.

Kat Dennings (Darcy Lewis)

As confirmed by a Disney+ video previewing what users can expect to arrive on the streaming service in 2020, both The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision will release this year. This means WandaVision moves up from its previous Spring 2021 release date window, though it’s unclear when exactly in 2020 the Marvel series will premiere.

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