‘WoW: Dragonflight’ New Exciting Trailer Reveals Release Date

‘WoW: Dragonflight’, the new expansion, has a new and enlightening trailer.
World of Warcraft was launched in 2004. Since then, was released eight major expansions have. Shadowlands, was the last, having been released in 2020.
Dragonflight was announced in April 2022, and now WoW’s Youtube channel released a trailer revealing the release date.

The expansion will have players journeying with the Dragonflight of Azeroth to the Dragon Isles and will include new areas, enemies, and modifications to the pre-existing game.

change to make leveling World of Warcraft alts easier; a new playable race, alterations to UI, and dragon-riding; a visual revamp for Azeroth, which will update the game’s visuals in some areas to better reflect the title’s current visual style.
The new dragon riding feature also and a new class, the Evoker, which will be exclusive to the new Dracthyr race are in the trailer. Check out below:

Dragonflight Date Announce Trailer | World of Warcraft

While the game has seen something of a decline in recent years, still maintains a large player base.
Many fans will likely be awaiting the launch of the expansion on November 28, 2022.

Source: World of Warcraft/YouTube/Screenrant

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